Our Services at Broker Risk Management

Broker Risk Management provides residential Brokers and Agents with a variety of Risk Management tools and services to reduce the risk of claim and loss while enhancing the professional practices, education and understanding of the California residential real estate practitioner.

We provide the Broker and Agent with the tools and services necessary to write better contracts, manage escrows effectively and get answers to important transaction questions when they are most needed.



Direct access to broker-oriented legal advice on real estate transactions by phone and fax to troubleshoot contract and transaction issues as they occur.


Regular, timely practice tips and alerts on current issues affecting real estate via e-mail to Brokers to keep agents current on new developments.


A review for Brokers of current real estate practices and systems to identify new ways to reduce risk, lower the incidence of claims and, ultimately, the costs of Errors and Omissions insurance.


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Leslie Walsh, Assistant

E-Mail: Leslie (at) brokerriskmanagement.com

Phone: 415-927-0201


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