Empowering Real Estate Professionals in California

At Broker Risk Management, we are dedicated to fortifying the practices of residential real estate brokers and agents in California. Our mission is to significantly reduce the risk of claims and losses while simultaneously elevating the standards of professionalism, education, and understanding in the real estate industry.

Our Expertise: A Spectrum of Risk Management Solutions

We offer an extensive range of services and tools designed to enhance every aspect of real estate transactions:

  • Contract Advice: We provide essential guidance and resources to help you craft superior contracts, ensuring clarity and legal soundness in every agreement.
  • Timely Transaction Support: We are there when you need us the most, offering expert answers to crucial transaction-related questions, just when they are most needed.

Educational Initiatives for Continued Excellence

  • Monthly Real Estate Webinars: Stay at the forefront of the industry with our monthly webinars, featuring a variety of real estate topics and insights from guest speakers who are industry leaders.
  • Weekly Practice Tips (Weekly Training Materials:) We provide weekly informational materials for ongoing real estate training, keeping you informed and ahead in your field.

Specialized Services for Comprehensive Support

  • Custom Form Drafting: To supplement CAR forms, we draft tailored real estate forms to fit specific needs and scenarios.
  • Navigating Investigations: Our team expertly handles investigations from the Department of Real Estate and real estate associations, guiding you through these complex processes.
  • Settlement Agreements: We draft settlement agreements to efficiently resolve disputes and legal matters.
  • Business Incorporation and DBAs: From real estate brokerage incorporation to securing approvals for fictitious names (“DBAs”), we offer comprehensive services to establish and legally structure your real estate business.

Your Partners in Real Estate Risk Management

At Broker Risk Management, we are more than a service provider; we are your partners in navigating the complexities of the real estate world. Our commitment to your success and professional growth is unwavering. Join us in redefining standards and achieving excellence in California’s real estate industry.



Direct access to broker-oriented legal advice on real estate transactions by phone and fax to troubleshoot contract and transaction issues as they occur.


Regular, timely practice tips and alerts on current issues affecting real estate via e-mail to Brokers to keep agents current on new developments.


A review for Brokers of current real estate practices and systems to identify new ways to reduce risk, lower the incidence of claims and, ultimately, the costs of Errors and Omissions insurance.


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